Wish you had an early warning system in place
for your cashflow?
Well, here it is...
Get your cashflow early warning system
for just $97 + tax
Can you cashflow that new team member?

Can you afford to invest in that rebrand, rebuild, upgrade?

Will you have the cash to pay that tax bill by it's due date?
Why you want
'My Business Cashflow Planner' 
in your business...
Have an Early Warning System
Highlighting potential cashflow problems in advance is priceless.  Knowing you have a cash problem BEFORE it becomes a problem gives you a chance to do something about it.
Make Better Business Decisions
Growing or scaling your business can suck cash.  Upgrades, new team members, rebrands, investments - can you afford them? If not now, find out when.  
Less Cash Related Stress
Is there a worse kind of stress? Other than our health and that of our families - cash stress is up there! Get the visibility, not just for you but easily share it with your business partner.
Take Advantage of Opportunities
When an opportunity presents itself you want to know instantly whether you can cashflow it or not.  Save time and reduce the risk of great opportunities. 
For Better Cashflow
Clarity. Foresight. Direction. Control.
Hi, I'm Jen,
Business Profit Coach, Speaker, Business Owner, CPA and Founder of Simply Smarter Numbers.

Jen is also the host of the Simply Smarter Numbers podcast which debuted at Number 3 on the Apple Podcast charts. 

Jen has spent nearly 20 years working with business owners. 

In her previous life as an accountant, CEO & CFO and in her experience running a successful businesses with her husband for the past 12 years, Jen has... 

Dissected hundreds of financial statements, diagnosed areas that sadly drain a business's profitability, and helped businesses, just like yours, identify missed doors of opportunities to create sustainability, scalability and profitability.

On autopilot.
"I founded Simply Smarter Numbers to help business owners make more profit and take back their time. And I know, from experience, that controlling our cashflow is a key element to achieving just that.

I also know that if I don't make numbers simple you just won't use them!"
So, from me to you...
Get your cashflow early warning system
for just $97 + tax
Hear from those that experienced Jens expertise for themselves...
Leanne Webber
The Founders Team 
"My Business Cashflow Planner has been a game changer for my business. Not only for the visibility into numbers but for my mindset as well.

I update it weekly and I couldn't run my business effectively without it!"
Steph Taylor
Stephtaylor.co & Host of Socialette Podcast
"I now have a clear idea of what I need to focus on in the short term and longer term to hit my big 3 and 5 year goals."
Here's what you'll get...
Step by Step Video Demonstration
I don't know about you... but I'm a visual learner - so if you're like me, then I've got you covered here with a video demonstration.  Get your cashflow sorted fast and by watching along.
Step by Step Instruction Booket
As easy as 1, 2, 3.  If you like to have something you can print out and follow along step by step by step?  Well, my instruction booklet has easy to follow instructions as well as diagrams. 
Cashflow Planner Templates
Your new cashflow friend, my simple 13 week business cashflow planner templates are ready to download in either google sheets or excel. They are yours to keep, copy and reuse over and over again.
My turnover is quite high - is this really for my business?
This Business Cashflow Planner has been used successfully with businesses turning over $100,000 AND I have personally used this Business Cashflow Planner in businesses turning over multiple millions.
I'm a service based business. Is it suitable for me?
Absolutely!  I do a lot of work with service based businesses and My Business Cashflow Planner is perfect for a service provider.  It works equally as well for retailers, eCommerce, bricks & mortar businesses - basically anyone that has money coming in and money going out!
I don't have time to do this myself - can my book-keeper or adminstration team take care of it for me?
Yes. In fact, if they are more familiar with the intricate weekly inflows and outflows associated with your business then they may be the best people for the job.  Although I'd suggest that you have them report to you weekly with a cashflow report.
How long does it take to get through the video lesson?
You'll find a general introduction video which goes for 7 minutes and a demonstration lesson video which goes for 14 minutes. 
Will I need spreadsheet experience?
No.  While I'm sure it would help, the template and instructions will be all that you need.  
How much time will I need to get My Business Cashflow Planner operational?
I'd suggest putting aside 1 to 2 hours to setup it up with your own categories of income and expenses that are meaningful to you.  Then I'd recommend you block out 30 minutes per week (preferably at the same time each week to help get you in the habit) to review, reassess and update your Business Cashflow Planner.
Get your cashflow early warning system in place now with... 
My Business Cashflow Planner
 $97 + tax
(c) 2020 Simply Smarter Numbers
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